Hi there.  I’m going to explain how to install and use the Google Feedburner Form plugin.

If you don’t have the Feedburner installed go to “How to install a WordPress Plugin?” .  Follow the steps on how to add a plugin and search for the Feedburner Form plugin.
First log into you blog and go to widgets under appearance.  You will need to have a Google account and make sure you are logged into the account.

Drag the Feedburner Form to the sidebar widgets.  It should look like this:

Okay now that you have the widget enter your site feed address into the feed URL name.  There where you see arquivotk on the image, click on save and go to your WordPress site.  You will see your widget on the right hand side.  Enter your email address and click on ok.

You will see this image. Click on Feedburner.

Once loaded type in your feed address in the Burn a feed right this instant text box.

Click on next.  This will take you to the welcome page.  Give your feed a Title:  This will identify your feed for your self if you have more than one feed.  Type in your feed address.  This is how people will find your new feed.

Click on Next.  Now that you have created your feed you can copy the URL and save it somewhere.  We will use it later.  Click on next.  On the next screen you can enable podcasts click-throughs etc if you want to.  Then click next.

Now you will see your homepage.  Click on Publicize.

Once there click on Email Subscriptions on the left:

This will open the email subscriptions page. Click on Activate.
Now go back to your WordPress admin site and go to widgets.  Enter your feed address in the feed URL name and set all the settings on the widget as you like.

Click on save.

And that’s it, go to your blog and give it a go.