Have you ever wanted to create a report that enables you to print mailing labels? Well I will show you how to create a Microsoft Report Viewer report in Visual Studio that looks like the one in the Fig 1.1

MailingLabels Creating Multi Column/Mailing Labels reports in Microsoft Report Viewer
Fig 1.1

For window forms you can try this link, I have tested this both in windows forms and web and found that it did not work for me in web but worked nicely in Windows Forms.

For Web do the following (I assume you have already created a report with a dataset linked otherwise you can go to this link):

  1. If you want three labels next to each other you need to add three list controls to your layout, side by side.
  2. Add your data in each of the list controls, and style them as you like.
  3. Right click on the list row and select row visibility, on the form that opens select; “Show or Hide based on expression”.
  4. Each of the list controls needs a visibility expression.
    • First List: =IIf(RowNumber(Nothing) mod 3 = 1, false,true)
    • Second List: =IIf(RowNumber(Nothing) mod 3 = 2, false,true)
    • Third List: =IIf(RowNumber(Nothing) mod 3 = 0, false,true)

Save and run your report. What step 4 will do is hide rows depending on its RowNumber creating a mailing label list/Multi Column List.

Hope this was helpful.

Happy programming!