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RegEx – Regular expression online tool

RegEx – Regular expression online tool

Okay I don't know about you guys but I have always struggled with RegEx (Regular Expressions).  I never got around on learning Regular Expressions so this website/tool are giving me the Expressions I need and I'm also learning RegEx as I move along. I found a very...

Xpages or JAVA and how to connect to SAP

Xpages or JAVA and how to connect to SAP

If you want to connect to SAP from Xpages or JAVA the easiest way is by using the SAP JAVA Connector. You can download the SAP Connector from the SAP website here. I spend a few hours on trying different ways of doing this and at the end I used the SAP JAVA Connector...

Xpages or JAVA and how to connect to SAP

Xpage debugging in Firefox – Firebug.

As you might know it is quite time-consuming to debug your xpage code.  I created a small function that you can use in xpages that will print to your Firefox - firebug console and allow some debugging for Xpages in Firefox. You will need to create a server-side...

Visual Studio Data Provider unexpected error fix

Team Foundation Server 2010 deleting work items

Out of the box there is no way to delete work items inside Team Foundation Server 2010. Does this mean that it is not possible? No, you still have the Team Foundation Server Power tools which add some commands that allow you to delete work items and work item types....

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